Blockchain & Chartercoin with Timothy Fletcher



Welcome to the Tech Lowdown Show where each episode we’ll be discussing opportunities in the tech space with entrepreneurs from the US & around the world
I’m your host Chris Jones – Two of the hottest words in tech are Bitcoin and blockchain. I’ve been dying to do an episode on this emerging technology area as I believe it’s something that anyone with an interest in technology and the future of technology should know about. Bitcoin was created by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto and is the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world today. It is also the first application of blockchain technology. Earlier this year I went down the blockchain rabbit hole and eventually came upon today’s guest who I’ve been working with.

Our guest today is Timothy Fletcher. Tim is the founder of a new cryptocurrency preparing to come to market called Chartercoin. Tim is a polymath, someone with deep knowledge across a wide range of complex subjects. He’s a computer scientist and an expert in cryptography, AI, and anti-AI among other things.
Tim is currently an FSO – Facility Security Officer and Systems Administrator with over 170 completed projects across government, military and commercial projects.
Tim, welcome to the show – What’s the Lowdown?
– Tim, I want to start by just asking a bit about your background. Where did you go to school and what did you study?
Can you to tell the audience what blockchain is and why you think there is some much buzz about it?
Where did your interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain originate?
Cool, so what is Chartercoin and what makes it different than Bitcoin?
I’ve read where quantum computers will be able to break the encryption for Bitcoin and other currencies. Can you tell us how CharterCoin addresses this concern?
There has been a lot of discussion lately in the crypto community about forks. You’ve said that CC cannot be forked. This sounds important. Can you tell us what a fork is and why CC can’t be forked like other currencies?
I want to pull back from the technical side a bit and ask you this – why are cryptocurrencies gaining in popularity? I mean they’re not backed by any governments and given the ICO craze it seems like anyone can create one so what’s the benefit of these currencies?
The Real Lowdown Segment
Take off your CharterCoin hat for a minute and tell me, from a neutral perspective, how does the core protocol compare with what’s out there on the market?
You’ve told me about a number of your inventions – what else have you developed that you see having application in the future be it with CC or on its own?

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