Episode 17: Timing When to Jump into A New Industry – An Entrepreneur’s Dilemma


Welcome to the Tech Lowdown Show where each episode we’ll be discussing opportunities in the tech space with entrepreneurs from the US & around the world. I’m your host Chris Jones – What happens when you’re on the cutting edge of a new industry? How do you decide when to jump into your own venture in a still immature space? I remember the early days of mobile marketing and how year after year I heard “this was the year of mobile” yet dollars flowing into mobile marketing were scarce. Depending on your perspective the entrepreneurs building businesses at this time were either too far ahead of the curve or developing the knowledge to be successful once the dollars started flowing. Today we’re going to speak with an entrepreneur who found himself in just that situation.
Rory Mudie is the Founder and CEO of Redbox Mobile, a leading Appstore Optimization Company with offices in London and New York. Rory has been on the cutting edge of digital marketing for over a decade now. He’s held executive roles with the BBC and Vodafone among others before starting Redbox Mobile in 2013.  Rory, welcome to the show – What’s the Lowdown?
– Rory, I want to start by learning a bit more about your background – tell us your story and then what led you to start Redbox Mobile?
– Like you I worked for a carrier previously – what were you seeing taking place during that time that piqued your interest in the still nascent app space?
– Can you take us through your thought process regarding the opportunity and your risk assessment at the time that you made the decision to give it a go?
– When you started Redbox you weren’t focused just on ASO – talk me through how you were trying to build a product in the early days. How did you figure out what was most viable for you to build a business on?
– I believe that you bootstrapped the business correct? Walk me through the turning point for the business – what was going on and what gave you the confidence to pursue ASO and now Search Ads as your primary products?
– Okay, let’s get into ASO now. Briefly tell us exactly what ASO is and why it’s important for app marketers?
– Do we know how big ASO is right now as an industry? Where is the ASO space in regard to it’s maturity as an industry?
The Real Lowdown Segment
– What was your lowest point when you were building Redbox Mobile?
– What are the challenges that the business still faces today?
– So it appears that you timed it right. Did you and was it by luck or design?
– Finally, what advice would you give to someone trying to figure out when to jump into a immature industry?
– Finally, what personal sacrifices have you had to make for the business and has it been worth it?
Rory- this has been so much fun. Please tell our listeners how they can find out more about you and Redbox Mobile? If you liked the show, please download all the episodes and leave us a 5 star rating on iTunes!  You can find show notes at techlowdownshow.com and follow me on Twitter at cjones2002.

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