Episode 14: The Lowdown on Artificial Intelligence with Johan Ahlund

I’m so excited today to return back to one of my favorite topics and one that, IMO, anyone working in tech should have at least a passing familiarity with that. Artificial intelligence has been this far off thing in the mind of the general public since the days of the first Terminator movie but we’ve now reached a point where AI and the supporting technologies like NLP and NLI are beginning to impact our lives everyday whether we’re aware of it or not.
– Today’s guest Johan Ahlund has been a pioneer in this space. Currently he’s the CEO & Founder of Jabberbrain a Barcelona-based company that helps clients build high quality Natural Language Interactions applications. An entrepreneur multiple times over he helped create the market for NLI when it was in its infancy as CEO & Founder of Artificial Solutions back in 2001.
– Johan, welcome to the show – What’s the Lowdown?
– You’ve got an amazing background in this space, can you start by briefly telling us about your background and where you’re interest in this space originated?
– I know a lot of people have difficulty understanding the different technologies for which make up what we commonly refer to in shorthand as “AI”. Can you briefly define a few of these concepts and then tell us how they fit together?
– You’re an expert in NLI, how should engineers, product managers, or marketers be thinking about using NLI and can you give us some tangible examples of NLI in action today?
– You got into this area with a business super early so I imagine commercialization at that time was challenging. Can you tell us what were the key developments either within your companies or in the larger ecosystem that have had the greatest impact on getting to where we are today?
– There are people like yourself who have been instrumental in the development of this technology. Where do you see the greatest opportunities right now for the application of these technologies??
The Real Lowdown Segment
– What are the misconceptions around these technologies that fall under the rubric of “AI”?
– We’ve got AI being offered as a platform, Voice being offered as a platform, etc. Who’s doing it well and what are the shortcomings that I as an entrepreneur dabbling in this space should be aware of?
– Finally, I want to ask you about Jabberbrain which I believe is about a year old – Tell us about your product and where the company is in its development?

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