Episode 11: Finding Myself Through Entrepreneurship: Ayinde Alakoye


We have an incredible interview for you today. The gentleman we’re speaking with today has had to ride the massive highs and lows that come with entrepreneurship. During this process he has had to personally navigate the pitfalls of being a celebrity entrepreneur and has used this experience to help him become a better businessperson and a better human being.
Ayinde Alakoye has founded multiple tech companies, been published in Techcrunch, spent time as a contributor to speeches for President Obama and most famously flirted with celebrity as a regular on The Millionaire Matchmaker TV Series.  He has founded Thumb Radio and Hitch Radio plus a project currently in stealth mode. Ayinde, welcome to the show – What’s the Lowdown?
– Tell us a bit about your background and where your interest in entrepreneurship originated.
– Let’s get the celebrity piece of the way – how did you end up on TV and how did this experience impact you personally and your business?
– You raised a few million dollars for your last project. You were riding a bit of a high at that time. Take us through what your mindset was during this whirlwind period.
– And what was going on in your personal life at this time?
– Fast forward a bit and Hitch Radio is struggling and you have to close up shop. What did that do to your confidence?
– What did that period of your life teach you about yourself?
The Real Lowdown Segment
– You’ve got a new project now. How are you going about things differently now?
– What areas of the tech space excite you right now?
– Finally, what can we expect from Ayinde Alakoye going forward?

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