Episode 10: Coming Back from the Brink to a Multi-Million Dollar Exit


We’re returning back down under again to speak to an Aussie innovator. This entrepreneur has built his business and navigated a 7 figure sale of his business to a public company but we’re going to focus on how he handled things when he was at his lowest point when his business was on the brink of collapsing.  Andrew Kilday is the Founder and CEO of TPF. Andy is a self-taught digital marketer.  He launched Australia’s first Affiliate management agency back in 2006 before later founding TPF in 2010. TPF was acquired by Mobile Embrace, an Australian public company in 2014 and ranked the #14 fastest growing digital media company in the 2016 Financial Review Fast 100. Andy, welcome to the show – What’s the Lowdown?
– Andy – give us a brief overview of how you got into the performance marketing space and how you ended up selling TPF.
– I want to dive deep and really understand what happened with your first company. Tell us about AMS and how it ended up shutting down.
– What was the personal toll on you at that time? How did you manage through that?
– When did things bottom out and how did you get get things moving again in the right direction?
– What was your mindset during that period? Did you ever think about giving up, getting a job and calling it day?
– What advice would you give to someone who is going through a similar situation?
The Real Lowdown Segment
– We’ve delved into the depths so let’s now talk about your successes. What was the courting process like with Mobile Embrace?

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