Episode 9: You're Marketing Your App Wrong and Here's Why

We’re going to examine today a topic near and dear to me – mobile app marketing. Whether you’re a small developer looking to get your first downloads or a large company whose business is dependent on app downloads, the strategies, tools and tactics for how to get your app in users hands is constantly evolving. ¬†Today we’re going to speak with an expert in the world of app marketing. An entrepreneur, international angel investor and sought after speaker at mobile events here in the US and in Europe.¬†Stefan Bielau is the co-founder and Managing Partner of the mobile consulting firm Dynamo Partners. Originally from Germany, he currently resides in Warsaw and it know as one of the foremost experts in user acquisition and especially ASO.
Stefan, What’s the Lowdown?
– Stefan, I know that your early experience was in radio prior to getting into mobile, can you tell us a bit about your path in the mobile space?
– Full disclosure, Stefan is an angel investor and advisor for a number of startups including one of my companies.
– You’ve developed your own app and consulted or advised a wide range of mobile businesses. During this time we’ve seen a massive amount of growth in the tools and services which can help app owners succeed. What are app owners unaware of or underutilizing today that can help them improve their results?
– So if I’ve got a small business with an app or a great idea for an app, what are the must haves, from a marketing perspective, that I should be focused on?
– You’re an ASO expert. For those who don’t know what ASO is can you explain what it is aand more importantly can you tell us where it fits in the marketing mix?
– How have budgets and tactics shifted in the last few years and what do you expect to see going forward?
– Are there any emerging channels or tactics that we should be aware of?
The Real Lowdown Segment
– You’ve got a consumer app and small marketing budget. Not enough to test a bunch of different channels. Where do you focus?
– Are there any channels or partners who we should absolutely stay away from?
– Click fraud and bots is a massive issue in the ad tech world. How do you avoid it?

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