Episode 7: The Most Successful Black Entrepreneur You've Never Heard Of


Today we’re not going to look into a specific topic in the technology world but rather explore the journey of a technology entrepreneur. My hope is that this entrepreneur’s story will both inspire you and ground you around what’s important as you seek to change the world or your place in it.
I’m honored and humbled to have on the show today a gentleman by the name of Robert Tibbs. I privately refer to Robert as the most successful Black entrepreneur you’ve never heard of. While originally from NJ, Robert has lived out most of his entrepreneurial dreams overseas living and starting businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. Robert is dual national of the US and Switerland who’s fluent in French and the world of international business. He’s earned awards and accolades for this work including the Red Herring Global 100 and multiple nominations as Swiss Entrepreneur of the Year. Robert – What’s the Lowdown?
– I want to start with a bit about your background and interest in entrepreneurship. Where did it come from and how did you find yourself living and working overseas?
– Tell us how you got involved with your first successful overseas business and walk us through your thought process and some of the initial challenges that you faced.
– You’ve started so many businesses. How do you identify opportunities worth pursuing and can you walk us through an example of this from one of your ventures?
– Did you have a mentor? If so, who and how did they help you?
– Anyone who knows you is aware that family is at the center of your life including your business life. A lot of people seek to keep personal and work separate. How has this evolved from a business perspective and what has been the benefit for you?
 The Real Lowdown Segment
– Tell us about your darkest day as an entrepreneur
– What lesson or lessons did you have to learn the hard way?
– We regularly hear about the lack of minorities in tech here in the US, did you face any similar obstacles in your international dealings?
– With the knowledge of hidesight, what advice would the slightly older, wiser Robert Tibbs give to the younger Robert Tibbs about to embark on this journey?

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