Episode 6: How Cognitive Business Intelligence Will Change How We Run Businesses – The Tech Lowdown

Today we’re going to take a look into the future, the future of how we’ll be running our businesses leveraging the vast amounts of data available to us. IBM recently released a study, The Cognitive Advantage Report, and one of the takeaways from it is that Cognition as a Service can fundamentally change business intelligence. We’re going to try to break down for you exactly what that means and more importantly how it’s impacting business decisions today and in the future.

Our guest today is David Messenger. David is Chairman & co-founder of Cognitive BI a company based here in Washington focused on building disruptive, world-class SaaS-based business intelligence software.
– Thanks again for coming on the show – I’d love to start by understanding your journey to entrepreneurship & specifically the co-founding of Cognitive BI?
– One of the things that really drew me to Cognitive BI and your experience is that I think that the technology behind your value proposition actually gives us a real window into the future of how business decisions will be made. Can you help us understand what Cognitive BI the technology is and how you’re applying it with this new company?
– Let’s dive into the technology a bit further, are you guys building it from scratch or are you leveraging some existing platforms and innovating on top of them?
– Why now? Why are we now in place where we can expect to see broad based application of this technology?
– How much data is required in order for you to be able to deliver effective results? Is there a place for small to mid size businesses to leverage this technology?
– The holy grail of this technology seems to be not the analysis & speed but the predictive potential. How far away from that are we?
The Real Lowdown Segment
– What are the obstacles to seeing broadbased take up of this technology?
– What are the current limitations on the technology that someone looking into this should be aware of?
– I want to wrap on this. From a competitive perspective, what is it that will set CBI apart over the long term?

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